The Fury of black hands

Anita , Valentina
Duration 20 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Belly Punch
Date Aug 03, 2012


Taking advantage of the weakness of Anita, Valentina will use your strength! Valentina has a short patience, and do not tolerate stupid slave!Anita and stupid, weak and stupid, has no jurisdiction to make a simple service to serve his dominatrix ... so simple!Valentina has a lot of strength in hands, is powerful and painful punch. She has a good height, which facilitates the power of his blows, the way she moves her elbow, bending and picking up an incredible speed, to get accurate strike, a move that comes so perfect to impress the most experienced!Having an incredible ability in the hands, Valentina uses to beat the belly of Anita. Soon Anita marked it all, played on the floor, crying and without the strength to react, so it has to be a slave, thrown on the ground, with nothing to rely only on their thoughts morbid and weak, worthy to be a mediocre! What will be struck for life!

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