Painful confession

Sabrina Red , Diana , Laila
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Sep 29, 2019


Sabrina finds out that her best friend is dating her husband, and goes to her house with Diana's help to get her to confess. Laila denies everything, and even though Sabrina showing his dirty shirt with her lipstick, she still refuses to admit it. So the betrayed woman opts for a more painful way to make her confess: throwing punches! With her belly exposed, Laila is hit several times, doubling up in pain as Sabrina does her best to hurt her. The extremely strong punch sequences are incredible and the anger released in each of them is noticeable. Laila has a very red and swollen belly in the end, but cannot defend herself, because while Sabrina hits, Diana holds her not to run away. Ouch!

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