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Punched thief

Babi Ventura , Jaqueline
Duration 10 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Belly Punch
Date Nov 25, 2019


Babi discovered that Jaque stole her new shoes and lost them. To repair the damage and discontinue her anger, the domme will surely hurt the slave as badly as she can, and choose the belly punch as a torment! Raising her shirt and revealing Jaque's thin belly, Babi begins to thrust her fist into her abdomen, turning her red with each blow harder. Jaque tries to protect herself, but nothing prevents Babi from continuing with the powerful and aggressive punches. To make matters worse, Jaque is also stifled by Babi's hands, kicked by her huge boots and has her breasts bruised when domme pinch them. So painful!

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May 29, 2021

The wonderful Babi tortures the ugly Jaqueline. Slaps in the face, strangulations and violent punches in the belly !!! More videos with these two actresses and maybe even fisting Jaqueline's tits please !!


Feb 08, 2021

domination manuela

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