Revenge on my boss

Dayana , Outro
Duration 46 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Mar 15, 2020


Dayana is tired of working so hard and today will be the day to get revenge on her boss. She lures him to her place and pretends to have a romantic moment with him, but as soon as the man takes off his shirt, she ties him up and starts punching him! Ready to put all her anger into each blow and make the boss feel how irritated she is on his skin, Dayana makes the man's soft belly sore and bruised, affecting even the internal organs. Each blow causes more nausea and pain to the boss, who without being able to defend himself, just tries to survive all the pain and the fists stuck in his abdomen. In the end, he ends up demeaned, thrown to the ground in a puddle of vomit, because the last punch is so strong that it gets right in the stomach!

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