The punch couple

Giovanna , Igor , Outro
Duration 19 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Mar 01, 2020


Igor and a friend arrive at Giovanna's house accusing her of not having paid a very important bill and of having stolen the money. The man is furious with the blonde and, while his friend holds her, he starts punching and kneeling on Giovanna's protruding belly. When the blonde shows the receipts and proves that the bills were paid and the friend was lying, Igor goes crazy, joining Giovanna for a payback: the couple will punch her together! While one holds, the other throws their fists into the liar's mottled belly, who cries out, screaming, and falls to the floor in pain. Determined to release their anger in each punch, the couple insists that the blows are as strong as they can, until the liar has a marked belly and gets all hurt!

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