Strong fists

Giovanna , Outro
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Oct 20, 2019


These two brunettes are very worried because they owe a lot of money to a dangerous person and Giovanna, who should bring them this money, is very late. When the blonde finally arrives, she says she was robbed and they took the money! The brunettes panic and get angry, because that money is worth their lives. For the lack of care, Giovana will receive a lot of hits from these strong fists, as the two of them take turns to punch the blonde’s soft belly. Appearing and protruding, Giovanna's belly gets red and swollen, as the brunettes give deep and intense punches, rubbing their fists and wringing the girl's skin with them. The pain was certainly immense, because Giovanna almost cries! Ouch!

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