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Sold furniture

Darla , Outro
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Mar 10, 2019


Darla has just arrived from a long trip and her girlfriend says she made a surprise for her at her place. Arriving there, Darla discovers that the girl sold out all of her imported furniture! Saying she will buy new things to create a beautiful living room, the girlfriend drives Darla crazy. Pissed off with it, Darla makes the girl take off her clothes and decides to make her feel pain, by hurting her amazing soft belly. The girl might look thin, but you can see her salient abdomen with a little bit of fat between her top and her skirt. Darla kicks and punches the girlfriend, making her wrist go really deep on the girl’s tummy. The blondie ends up laying on the floor crying in pain, not being able to get up after so many hits!

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