Slaves must be punched!

Carmem , Outro
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Mar 29, 2020


This domme catches her slave wearing her clothes and makeup, and gets furious! It's time to make Carmen understand her place. The domme puts the slave against the wall and begins to pound her mercilessly, shoving her fist into her belly with such power that she soon bends over and starts to cry, begging for the domme to stop. Of course, the torture didn't even start well and this domme is ready to make Carmen feel all the pain she can, and the slave is also thrown on the floor so that the domme can punch her belly from top to bottom, leaving marks even more red and almost crushing her organs. Carmen will never challenge her domme again!

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Dec 08, 2020

Are you being honest here? This isn't a 4K video. It isn't even a 720 video. Looks more like a 480 video.

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