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Punishment for gossip

Luca Medeiros , Lizandra
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Mar 22, 2020


Luca waits for Lizandra in hiding, ready to take revenge for all the gossip she has spread about him. Furious, he promptly punches the girl in the belly, and presses her against the wall so she doesn't run away or react. He shoves his fists into her abdomen so that it swells up and turns very red, and Lizandra cries in pain. He also throws her on the floor and sits on her, giving the upper blows and hurting her internally. The girl loses the strength when trying so hard to resist the pain, and Luca keeps punching her hard until she falls to the ground, almost fainting. All the strength of this man's arms goes to his fists with every blow he makes. Girl down!

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