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Punching the lover

Latifa , Outro
Duration 16 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Apr 05, 2020


Latifa goes to her husband's lover's house to get an explanation from the girl, and as soon as the white girl faces Latifa, she doesn't think twice and goes on top of her. Tying the lover's hands and throwing her on the bed, Latifa takes advantage of the fact that she is naked to hit her belly, thrusting her fists hard, blow after blow. The girl cries and is dragged across the bedroom floor, and Latifa continues to rub her fists on her belly. With red and swollen skin, the lover regrets what she did, but Latifa only stops punching her when she feels that she has had enough revenge. The pain is unbearable and the girl almost vomits, while the brunette takes out all her anger in each blow.

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