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Punched for no reason

Sabrina Red , Cristina
Duration 22 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Aug 18, 2019


Cristina is quiet, relaxing on the couch of her friend's house, when Sabrina arrives with a strange behavior and starts fighting with her. Without understanding the real reasons, Cristina gets scared and before she can defend herself, Sabrina punches her belly! Thin as she is, Cristina suffers and bends in huge abdominal pain with each blow, and losing all her strength. Sometimes, it seems that the girl won’t be able to stand another punch and faint, but Cristina can keep alert, crying in pain. Sabrina takes the opportunity to discount all the anger accumulated in her friend, even if it makes no sense! The blows are breathtaking and will leave some awful bruises on Cristina's belly!

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Jan 26, 2023

Hi, there is a problem with this video, can you fix it please?

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