Punch like a girl!

Dayana , Nicolas
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Feb 16, 2020


Dayana discovered that Nicolas did horrible things with several girls, taking advantage of each one’s body. The blonde manages to capture him and will give him what he deserves, so that he learns never to mess with girls again. With his hands tied and shirtless, he is leaning against a wall and starts taking punches from Dayana, who clenches her fists and pulls as deep as he can into his abdomen, trying to cause a lot of pain. He groans and bends to protect himself from further blows, but Dayana lifts him by the hair and continues to punch him until she releases all her anger and makes him understand how strong a girl is. The blows are so heavy that Dayana ends up really hurting him and makes him faint from the pain. Wow!!

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