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Prove me you love me

Ayumi , Iohana Alvez , Luca Medeiros
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Nov 24, 2019


Iohana's husband is making out with the neighbor, and the brunette almost catches them in the act. To cover it up, the husband says that the blonde came to visit and wants to be friends with Iohana, but the brunette doesn’t accept the idea and imposes her husband to prove that he loves her: punching Ayumi! The husband hesitates, but soon begins to thrust his fists into the blonde's apparent belly, putting all the strength he can into each stroke to prove his love. While Iohana holds Ayumi so she doesn't run away, her husband chooses vases and other objects to hit the blonde's belly and hurt further, causing redness and extreme marks that soon make her abdomen swell up. Ayumi cries, and the pain of the punches is unbearable!

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