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Painful changes

Darla , Karla
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Feb 24, 2019


Darla is bored, because she has to stay home all day long while Karla works and go out with her friends a lot. She decides, then, to occupy her idle time doing some changes in the house. She puts a lot of flowers and mixes the places of all the plant jugs, what makes Karla go crazy when she arrives. They argue a lot and when Darla refuses to put everything back in the right places, it’s time for Karla to turn her fury in strength. She enjoys that the blondie’s belly is big and soft to give a lot of hard punches on it. Not satisfied with seeing Darla’s pain, she goes to another level with some kicks, besides using her elbows and knees to hit her too. The blondie gets desperate and hurt, crying, but Karla feels good with her revenge. Now she’s really showing who’s the boss in that house!

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