Looking for my bra

Chris , Cristina , Outro
Duration 20 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date May 12, 2019


Chris is walking naked around the house, looking for her bra. Cristina and a friend arrive and get very uncomfortable with Chris without clothes, because their boyfriends are about to arrive and they can’t see her that way. They try to ask Chris to put on some clothes, but she refuses and says she will keep looking for her bra. The girls then decide to impose it and make her feel a lot of pain! While the friend holds Chris, Cristina insists on giving many punches and kicks in the woman's exposed belly, causing a lot of redness and suffering for Chris. She bends with each blow, almost vomits, and can’t bear it until the end, ending up almost fainting and without any strength on the ground. Do you think that was a fair beating?

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