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Lazy Harlot

Lizandra , Ravana
Duration 20 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jun 09, 2019


Lizandra and Ravana are two harlots working in a very crowded house. Realizing that Lizandra didn’t show up for work that night, Ravana goes to talk to her and understand why, but she ends up discovering that the blonde skip work to wait for her boyfriend. Outraged by this, the brunette starts a fight and Lizandra tries to beat her, but Ravana take control of the situation and walks up to the blonde, punching her very hard. Lizandra soon loses air, but she doesn’t know what awaits for her... Ravana ties her hands so she doesn’t react to the punches and blows that are invested against her belly. This lazy harlot certainly learned the lesson after this painful punishment!

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