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It’s my cellphone!

Cristina , Mary Castro
Duration 17 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jun 16, 2019


Mary found Cristina's cell phone and is scouring everything from the messages to the photos! She is having fun, but soon Cristina arrives and catches her in the act, not liking the situation at all. Tired of Mary always messing around with her things, Cristina becomes even more irritated when the girl wiggles her face, deciding then to punish her in a very painful way. Taking advantage of the salient belly on display, Cristina invests many punches against Mary, paused and very strong, making sure that they reach the entire surface of the girl's stomach and intestine. Mary suffers and screams, bending over in pain for several times, but nothing makes Cristina's fury stop! The punches only get more and more painful!

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