Intense Belly Punch

Ayumi , Cindy Vegas , Giovanna , Rosangela
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Oct 11, 2013


Rosangela, Cindy Vegas, Giovanna e Ayumi are members of a gang. Giovanna hates Ayumi because she´s smart and has great ideas. Rosangela and Cindy left jail last month, they were arrested because they got caught on a assault. Giovanna says that the one that betrayed them was Ayumi. They catch Ayumi and hurt her a lot. One month later Ayumi proves to Rosangela and Cindy Vegas that she didn´t do it, they plan a revenge on Giovanna. Poor Giovanna! She thought she was smart but the girls full of anger punching her belly a lot... Will the pretty Giovanna survive?

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