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Inconvenient friend

Agatha , Manoela
Duration 18 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jan 27, 2019


Agatha realizes that her friend Manoela used her personal things again. Tired of her being so inconvenient, it’s time to teach her a good lesson. She enters the living room already fighting with Manoela and accusing her of wearing her new french makeup. Agatha starts hitting her friend’s belly, punching and kicking the girl. She also uses a baseball bat to make the hits heavier, what makes the girl begs for her forgiveness. Not satisfied with the suffering, Agatha tramples her friend and stick her nails into Manoela’s belly, making it swollen, red and all full of shoes and nail marks. Manoela promises never to do it again, but Agatha only stops when she decides her friend really learned the lesson. Painfull, huh?

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