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Hurt black belly

Stella , Tatthy
Duration 14 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Jan 26, 2020


Andressa comes home and realizes that, once again, her roommate hasn’t cleaned the house. And to make the situation worse, the girl intends to wear a bikini from Andressa to go to the beach! How shameless! The argument between them begins and, rightly so, Andressa takes advantage of her friend's hard, exposed belly to hurt her in a way that she learns the lesson… Belly Punch! Punch by punch, the girl increases the power and pressure of the blows and hurts Stella more and more, externally and internally. The brunette cries, promises to do her chores, and can hardly stand the pain, but nothing stops Andressa from punching her. The blows are amazing and full of fury!

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Nov 11, 2020

Hey None of these videos work!!!! I've spent money to watch them and only like two of the ones i'm willing to watch will play. I pay fot the daily trials and all 4 videos I choose start for like 2 seconds then stop. Can you guys fix this or can I have my money back???

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