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No talking loud!

Full movie length: 16 minutes Production date: Sep 22, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 9.99 Ravana | Latifa Pack with: 1 clips
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Ravana is chatting to her boyfriend on the phone, but is talking too loudly because of the poor call quality. Latifa, the neighbor, asks the girl to speak quietly, but Ravana ignores the request and continues to scream. Annoyed by the noise, Latifa loses her temper and breaks into Ravana's house, attacking the girl and taking advantage of her bare belly to execute her painful punishment. Pitying and using her anger to make it worse, Latifa punches Ravana hard in the abdomen, making her bend in pain. As much as she asks to stop and begs for her life, Latifa only increases the strength of each punch so that it leaves unforgettable marks!

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