No rest from pain

Giovanna , Dayana
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Nov 17, 2019


Giovanna refuses to help Dayana tidy up the house, claiming she needs to rest. Dayana knows that her roommate is a lazy girl and does nothing all day, and no longer allows her to rest. In fact, she will make her have no rest… from the pain! As a punishment, Dayana hits blows on Giovanna's exposed belly, who wears a blue tank top making her entire abdomen very apparent. Dayana doesn't care about her roommate's tears and moans of pain, and Giovanna bends more with every punch that crushes her internal organs. The more Giovanna affronts Dayana, the stronger the blows get! This fist is carried with all the anger of the blonde in each blow!

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