Knocking out the thief

Karol Mendez , Bia , Melissa Ramos
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Belly Punch
Date Apr 28, 2019


Karol found a backpack full of expensive personal belongings, lying in the living room. Without thinking twice, this thief takes everything she can and puts it in her pockets, but for her bad luck, right in the middle of the act, Melissa and Bia arrive and catch her. These two, who own the belongings, realize that many things have disappeared and that Karol was the one who took them. They decide to beat this thief friend! Taking off Karol's clothes and exposing the girl's big and white belly, they take advantage of the bulge to punch a lot and deposit all the anger they are feeling at each stroke. Karol ends all red and crying for forgiveness, feeling the worst pain of his life. This is a huge regret!

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